Mike Soster, NASM-PES, M.S.

Owner, Head Trainer

Master of Science: Human Performance and Injury Prevention

Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM

Certified Speed and Explosion Specialist, NASE

Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM

Youth Fitness Specialist, IYCA

Veteran, United States Air Force

A graduate of North Royalton High School, Mike entered the armed forces in December 2001, where he served 6-years in the United States Air Force as an F-15 Avionics Specialist.  He later attended East Carolina University where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in Health and Fitness.  A short tour in San Diego under the direction of fitness expert Todd Durkin, allowed him the opportunity to work with NFL superstars such as Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Shawn Merriman, and several others, which he claims to be paramount to his success as an effective Strength and Conditioning coach.  He completed his Master of Science degree in 2010 from California University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in Human Performance and Injury Prevention.


"I was blessed to be in the presence of such great people throughout my earlier years in this business.  Not only that, but I was fortunate enough to have them actually care about the direction I took in the field.  To give anything less than everything I have to this gym and the people that believe in it would be disrespectful to all those great people that left their legacy within me.  Thank you for all your support in helping us create one of the most unique and powerfully energetic facilities in Northeast Ohio."

Dominic LaGreca, NPTI-PT

Certified Personal Trainer, Class Instructor, Youth Strength Coach


​Dominic is a 2008 graduate of Normandy High School and registered as a Certified Personal Trainer under the National Personal Training Institute with a specialty in weight loss, group exercise, functional training, and strength and conditioning. 


“My focus is on the specific needs of each individual person that walks through those doors.  It still gives me chills to see a smile on our other clients’ faces when they can finally fit into those new clothes or discovering their new found strength within such a short amount of time.  In the end, it’s just mental struggle between how much you want out of life versus how much you are going to let everything else bring you down.  And when you have the right coach, the struggle becomes that much easier and the destination seems that much closer.”

Joe Mazzone, ACE-PT

Certified Personal Trainer, Class Instructor


Joe participated in a variety of different sports growing up, such as wrestling and baseball, but nothing resonated more with him than the art of boxing.  He stuck with it ever since the young age of 16, fighting at the amateur level and loving every minute of it. 


"The discipline of it all taught me a lot about myself and what it means to break through perceived barriers and limitations.  More importantly, it also helped propel me into the amazing world of health and fitness, where I continuously feel honored to be able to meet new people and help them achieve their personal goals.  There isn't much out there that we can't accomplish, and I believe I'm here to help people realize that."

Justin Kelley, NASM-PES

Certified Personal Trainer, Youth Strength and Conditioning Coach

Justin is a 2007 graduate of Parma High School, currently finishing his bachelor's degree in Sports and Exercise Science.  Ever since he can remember, sports and fitness has been his getaway, claiming hockey as his primary sport of choice, playing since age 3 all the way through college.  Just had the opportunity to travel to many places through hockey, and fortunately met some of his best friends long the way.  To him, the life skills he acquired throughout the course of his hockey career were priceless and now hopes to empower young men along the same path of athletics.


"The biggest takeaway was work ethic.  A good work ethic will always set you apart from your peers and that is what I instill for my current clients and athletes.  Goals become much more in reach when you have that relentless determination to keep moving forward no matter what obstacles you encounter.


Rikki Jaworski

B.S. Health Sciences

Personal Trainer


Rikki is a 2009 graduate of Padua High School with a Bachelor's in Health Sciences from Kent State.  She is now currently on path to earn her license as a Physical Therapy Assistant.  Fitness has become an important piece in her life that helped her become a stronger woman not only physically, but mentally as well. 


"I am a firm believer that fitness can impact one's life by challenging them deep within, bringing out strengths that one would not otherwise discover.  It is amazing to intitially see a client's potential, then watch them grow into the person they want to become.  When you have me in your corner, you can always expect to get that much needed push until the last second to help discover who is truly inside. 

Jennifer Kalinsky

B.S. Exercise Science

Certified Exercise Physiologist

Certified Personal Trainer


Jennifer is a 2011 graduate of Brecksville Broadview Heights High School where she was a three-sport athlete.  She received her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Slippery Rock University and has been helping others reach their personal goals ever since.  Athletics have taught her that you must put in the work in order to achieve something significant. 


“ I believe that fitness is not all about the physical accomplishments, but also the mental obstacles along the way.  There is no better feeling than finishing a workout and being exhausted because you know, in that moment, you gave everything you had to improve yourself,  and that alone takes a lot of self talk.  I want to help people experience that feeling by giving them the best chance possible of breaking through those barriers and eventually celebrate not only their short-term goals, but also the much more important long-term ones as well.  Remember that “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” 

Randy Rundgren

Baseball Skills Specialist

3-Year Varsity player at Mid-Pacific Institute in Honolulu, Hawaii

Top 3 in State Tournament 3 years in a row


2 year starter at Sacremento City College as Shortstop

2 Super Regional Championship Appearances and 1 Final 4 Appearance

.339 Batting Average, 12 RBI in 15 Playoff Games


Drafted 46th Round of 2004 Draft to the Kansas City Royals


Head Coach for Broadview Heights Travel Ball 13U (2014)

Head Coach for Ohio Elite Travel Ball 11U (2015)

Head Coach for Ohio Elite Travel Ball 16U (2015)

Ohio Elite Travel Ball 12U (2016)




Minka, Certified Mascot, K-9​


Born:  August 6th, 2011

Favorite Food:  Cozumel Enchilada Leftovers

Favorite Pastime:  Hole Digging and Squirrel Hunting

Most Memorable Moment:  Survived Cat Attack, August 3rd, 2012


"They just kinda let me lay here all day.  It's a good gig.  I don't bite, but every once and a while I'll wonder out of my cave to make sure you got a good workout.  Give me a nice hard back scratch and we'll be perfect friends."